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Exposure to various bacteria, viruses and infectious diseases can be incredibly hazardous. The most effective safeguard against exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses like Influenza (The Flu), Human Coronavirus and other communicable diseases just comes down to great attention to cleaning and personal hygiene. Viruses often spread from person to person via air (i.e.: cough or sneeze) or direct contact with contaminated surfaces or infected individuals.

Thorough and proper cleaning protocols are the best ways to minimize and prevent the spread of hazardous viruses, communicable diseases, bacteria and other pathogens. The professionally trained cleaning technicians at Mastertech Environmental can help. We use specialized, EPA-approved disinfectants, professional-grade cleaning equipment and specific cleaning techniques to effectively kill viruses, kill bacteria and minimize the spread of Influenza, Human Coronavirus, and other communicable diseases.

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** Due to the absence of any current Federal and/or State regulations specifically regarding cleaning of the human Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mastertech Environmental personnel will follow the CDC’s most current cleaning recommendations that are publicly available on the CDC website. In consideration of all that is not known about the virus or how it reacts to cleaning procedures and products, we are not able to guarantee, warranty or promise efficacy of cleaning efforts. We simply do not know enough at this point to make any claims or promises. We do know however, that our procedures and products are effective against similar viral envelopes that are present in comparable viruses. We will continue to closely follow the recommendations of the CDC and will update our cleaning procedures as new guidelines become available.

Professional Cleaning Services and Disinfectant Application for Schools, Public Buildings and Commercial Properties

Whether you are responsible for a school, an office, a daycare center, a retirement facility, or other large building with a large community of people, safety should always be top priority. Health hazards like Influenza, Human COVID-19 or other communicable diseases can easily be avoided with the appropriate precautions. What makes communicable diseases, bacteria and viruses so harmful is the rapid spread. Communicable disease are most often spread from person to person by contact with the bacteria or virus. This most often occurs by air (i.e.: cough or sneeze) or direct contact with contaminated surfaces or infected individuals. The best way to combat the viral spread is containment by effective cleaning.

Mastertech Environmental provides thorough, safe and effective cleaning solutions for commercial properties, schools and public buildings. Our cleaning technicians use specialized, EPA-approved disinfecting agents, professional-grade cleaning equipment, proper personal protection and specialized cleaning technique to provide complete cleaning services for buildings in Fairfield County CT.

Mastertech’s professional Cleaning Team in Connecticut provides fast, safe and effective cleaning for schools, public buildings and commercial properties throughout the Fairfield County CT area.

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